ethical code


This Ethical code is obligatory for all employees of company Rambrok.

The company Rambrok attaches great importance to the fact that all of our business activities toward our clients are characterized by honesty, transparency, integrity and honorable conduct.

Each employee of company Rambrok must read, understand and accept the content of this Ethical code and follow his principles in any negotiations with our client.

All business activities performed between the company Rambrok and our client must be in accordance with this Ethical code and with the relevant applicable laws and regulations. The company Rambrok is committed to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of this Ethical code and will therefore continue to train and instruct its employees. For our business partners we offer familiarization with our Ethical code to ensure that they get acquainted with our principles arising from this Ethical code.

Our principles

Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption

The company Rambrok strictly pursues the policy of zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption. This policy is applied to anz business contacts with our clients, or other third parties. Our company does not tolerate corruption in any form.

According to the purpose of this Ethical code we include into bribery all financial or other benefits which are provided, promised, offered, accepted, requested or received with the intent to influence the honorable conduct of our employees.

We do not offer and do not require any advantages, gifts and treats

The company Rambrok does not allow to its employees to require, accept, organize, offer or provide any kind of benefits in connection with the business activity of our company. The company Rambrok wants especially emphasized that for employees is strictly forbidden to accept behalf of the company Rambrok any commission, gifts and treats from our clients or other interested third parties.

Confidential information

Confidential information of our clients represents to our company a business secret.

Employees of the company Rambrok must never reveal confidential information of our clients, except of persons for whom such information is necessary for contractual relationship purposes with the company Rambrok, or is required by authorities in accordance with the law or local regulations

Conduct and behavior of our employees

Employees of the company Rambrok are acting honestly and fairly, not only in relation to the clients or costumers, but also to his colleagues. It is very important for us that the relations of employees are based on a professional collegiality, mutual respect and respect of the principles of decent and fair dealing. It is teamwork where one supports the other.

Our employees are handling the problems with maximum professionalism. They always represent the client and our company in order to maintain his good name. We do not allow behavior that could harm our client and had a negative effect on the social environment in which our company operates. We make sure to avoid any vulgar or otherwise unprofessional expressions, in written and verbal communication.

 We are not solving diverse point of view with personal prejudice. Disputes are always solved objectively, open and on a sophisticated way. Towards our client we are always acting apolitical, we respect and accept people with different opinions, worldviews and cultural backgrounds. In relation to internal matters of our clients or our company, our employees will not act against his employer on social networks, not in form of comments, nor by publication of facts and photos.

We are always properly dressed and groomed.

Observance of Ethical code

Each employee of the company Rambrok has been familiarized with the content of our Ethical code, which is proven by his signature.

We are aware that if our employees willfully violate the rules and provisions arising from our Ethical code, it may lead to termination of all business activities with our clients.

Since the most parts of our Ethical code is based on the law valid in the Czech Republic, the violation of this Ethical code may be a criminal offense.

The company Rambrok considers as its duty continuously to review and update its corporate policy, therefore, this Ethical code may be a subject to changes. In case of any changes or updates in this Ethical code our company will inform all its clients. If you have questions regarding additional information or compliance of this Ethical code of company Rambrok, or you want to notify anything in connection with this issue, please, contact us through our e-mail address: