Code of Ethics

Rambrok places a high value on honesty, transparency, integrity, and honor. Our code of ethics was created in accordance with these values and the corporate values of our customers.

The code of ethics is binding for all employees. Every Rambrok employee is informed of its contents and accepts the values it sets forth. All our staff members work in accordance with the principles in the code of ethics.

The code of ethics also guides all commercial activities at Rambrok in relation to clients and third parties.

Zero tolerance policy for bribery and corruption

Rambrok promotes a strict zero tolerance policy for bribery and corruption. This policy applies to all commercial contact with our clients or any third parties. We do not tolerate bribery in any form or under any circumstances.

A bribe or bribery as discussed in this code of ethics means a financial or other benefit provided, promised, offered, accepted, requested or received in an attempt to influence the honorable conduct of our employees.

We do not offer or request any advantages, gifts or entertainment

Rambrok does not permit its employees to request, accept, broker, offer or provide any type of advantage in connection with the commercial activities of our company. Rambrok states clearly that employees are not entitled to accept any commission, gift or entertainment from clients or third parties on behalf of Rambrok.

Confidential information

We guard our clients’ confidential information as our own business secrets.

Rambrok employees must not disclose the confidential information of our clients to any third party, with the exception of the persons for whom that information is designated based on a contractual relationship with Rambrok or when that information is requested by law by state authorities exercising their state power.

Employee conduct

Rambrok employees act honorably and fairly in relation to clients, customers and colleagues alike. It is of the utmost importance to us for our employees to maintain professional relationships based on respect for each other and the principles of decency and fair conduct. We require our employees to be good team players and support each other.

Our employees approach their assigned tasks with maximum professionalism. Their conduct always aims to protect the reputation of the client and our company. Any actions that damage the client or our company are unacceptable to us. We take care to ensure that our employees avoid vulgarities and other unprofessional statements, both in writing and in spoken communication.

We respect differences of opinion and always approach disputes in a factual, open and fair manner. We are apolitical in our contact with clients and practice tolerance towards people with different opinions, worldviews, and cultural backgrounds. Our employees are required to maintain confidentiality regarding all circumstances of which they learned during the course of their work and to refrain from any inappropriate comments towards the employer or clients on the internet or social media.

Our employees are always well-groomed, well-behaved and dressed for the job at hand.

Keeping the code of ethics

Every employee at Rambrok is acquainted with the company’s code of ethics.

We are aware that breaching the rules and provisions of our code of ethics can lead to the termination of our cooperation with our clients.

Since our code of ethics draws primarily on the laws in force and effect in the Czech Republic, breaching it may be a criminal offense.

Rambrok is constantly assessing and updating its corporate policies, so this code of ethics is also subject to change. We will inform our current clients and employees immediately of any changes or updates to the code of ethics.