Special services

Personal security

We provide personal security services with discretion, flexibility, and quick response times. Our personal security specialists have years of experience handling extraordinary situations and are trained in preventing attacks and communicating with foreign clients.

We primarily offer our clients the following services: (Našim klientům nabízíme především tyto služby:)

  • Defending the client without using a gun.
  • Defending the client using a gun.
  • Vetting the client’s planned route.
  • Pre-checking the space and building where the client is expected or scheduled to stay.
  • Driving a vehicle transporting the client and an accompanying vehicle.
  • Special security for a house or apartment.
  • Protecting clients with supporting technology.
  • Always on standby.

Arranging security for cultural and sporting events

  • Our security staff keep order at public assemblies with increased security needs, monitoring the movements and behavior of attendees, meeting the client’s requests and addressing specific situations.

We primarily offer our clients the following services:

  • Checking people’s authorization to enter a public event.
  • Checking people upon entering stadiums and events for private groups.
  • Guarding monuments, parks, etc.
  • Keeping order at public events.
  • Preventing fights and attacks on participants and others.
  • Protecting the property of organizers, participants and attendees from damage and theft.
  • Cooperating in handling extraordinary events.
  • Securing order and safety in parking lots.
  • Evacuating premises.
  • Performing lifesaving acts.
  • Preventing fire and accidents.
  • Extinguishing fires.

Ensuring fire safety and occupational health and safety measures including consulting

  • We will set up occupational health and safety procedures for your business.

We primarily offer our clients the following services:

  • Providing consulting and training, testing technician and specialist knowledge in this area.
  • Providing firefighting equipment, fire safety equipment and handheld fire extinguishers and keeping them in working order.
  • Providing training for the client’s representatives and top management regarding occupational health and safety obligations under legal and other regulations or technical standards.
  • Performing the office of internal or external auditor for occupational health and safety management systems.
  • Setting the required qualifications (from a fire safety standpoint) for staff assigned to operate, check, maintain and repair the technical equipment and technology, and ensuring the safety of work that could cause a fire.
  • Performing analyses on occupational injuries, accident rates and occupational illnesses, proposing measures to decrease them, and comparing them with national or EU statistics.
  • Analysis of deficiencies in occupational health and safety determined in preventive checks and workplace audits.
  • Identifying and assessing occupational health and safety risks and proposing measures to eliminate or minimize them.
  • Assessing the quality and completeness of occupational health and safety documentation, including its compliance with legal regulations or technical standards.
  • Evaluating the economic impact of the client’s measures enacted in the area of occupational health and safety.
  • Taking part in meetings with supervisory and inspection authorities.
  • Working with the company’s crisis management team and participating in its activities.