Physical security

Security guard in stores and services

Modern technology cannot entirely replace the physical presence of a security guard, so this remains one of our most popular and frequently requested services.

Our physical security services are designed for the business community, in particular retail chains and owners of industrial buildings, residential buildings, office buildings or any other facilities open to the public.

The goal is to take organized action to minimize pre-identified security risks.

Our team of experienced managers will examine the premises, define threats and set processes to protect against them. Our highly trained, professional security staff then provides the services on a daily basis.

Physical security staff members protect the facility both actively (by carrying out their assigned duties) and passively (acting as a deterrent by their mere presence).

This service primarily involves:

  • Providing information to the client and visitors on a daily basis.
  • Preventing criminal activity on the part of employees, suppliers and others.
  • Operating the electronic goods protection system – security features on goods.
  • Keeping daily records of security, inspections and services provided.
  • Working with the integrated rescue system, in particular the Czech Police Force and other designated entities.
  • Keeping all relevant legal regulations concerning security.
  • Operating security technologies (electric fire signaling, electric security signaling, CCTV).

Doorkeeper – foot patrol officer

The doorkeeper patrols and monitors the guarded premises according to the client’s instructions in order to protect the premises and equipment (vehicles, machinery, materials, etc.) using the appropriate security tools.

This service primarily involves:

  • Recording individuals entering the facility, checking in visitors including providing information, and checking visitors and their hand luggage.
  • Monitoring the entry and exit of all types of vehicles, monitoring balanced loads, implementing traffic control measures within the facility, and operating mechanical barriers as instructed.
  • Closely working with building management.
  • Ensuring and restoring security as instructed, including taking basic measures to decrease damage and losses to property and health.
  • Handing out keys, locking and unlocking facilities.
  • Patrolling and operating the security system including CCTV, assessing and monitoring video of the area around the buildings, archiving video recordings.
  • Electronic facility security (patrol system)
  • Operating security technologies (electric fire signaling, electric security signaling)
  • Collecting entry and exit fees, parking fees, etc.

Specialized detective

A Rambrok detective provides the services associated with searching for individuals and property, investigates facts that may serve as evidence in judicial or other proceedings, gathers information about individuals and their property, secures evidence to protect and promote the client’s rights and legitimate interests, and cooperates in protecting property and people.

This service primarily involves:

  • Searching for people or things and securing documentation in family, commercial and civil law matters.
  • Using special detective methods, forensic methods and techniques.
  • Cooperating in investigating the circumstances and events associated with the damage incurred.
  • Preparing detective reports for the customer.
  • Verifying the reliability of individuals and business entities, organizing and preparing the relevant documentation if applicable.
  • Working with the integrated rescue system, in particular the Czech Police Force and other designated entities.
  • Special detective services to discover organized retail crime.
  • Working closely with the criminal police.

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