Security consulting

Rambrok also offers risk prevention services. We seek out weak points and propose independent security solutions. We are prepared to give clients the benefit of our practical experience and years in business in the form of consulting.

Our team of experienced specialists will perform an on-site inspection at the client’s facility, identify any high-risk zones and dead spots, assess the risks and potential losses, and propose effective security solutions.

We primarily offer our clients the following services:

Security audit

  • Assessing contractual relationships with providers of security services.
  • Preparing documentation and proposing measures to protect information (incl. confidential information) and personal data, to ensure physical security, information systems security, crisis management and critical infrastructure.
  • Assessing and handling extraordinary situations in the area of security.
  • Assessing the existing physical security system and security regimes and administrative security measures at the client’s premises.
  • Proposing monitoring and supervisory services and putting them into practice, managing security technologies (alarm, access, camera, and other systems).

Internal investigations

  • Investigating potential risks from company employees, clients, suppliers, or other third parties involved in company operations.
  • Given the sensitive nature of internal matters, our staff works carefully and discreetly. The written investigation report can be used at the client’s discretion.
  • We work exclusively in accordance with Czech law.
  • The internal investigation results can be used for employment or insurance purposes or if the matter goes to court.

Feasibility studies

  • For clients planning to launch a new facility security project, Rambrok will prepare an independent feasibility study for the planned solution.
  • This will identify any “gaps” in security and we will propose suitable procedures to optimize the planned solution.
  • If we find any shortcomings in the plan, we will suggest additional security components for physical security, human resources security and information security.

Internal training for clients

  • Most employees or civilians do not know how to respond to immediate security risks. They are often unsure of how they are allowed to respond and what their rights are.
  • Drawing on years of experience, Rambrok offers its clients internal training for employees and partners on civilian rights from a legal standpoint.
  • We also organize regular training sessions for employees and suppliers.